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Artisan Process of Extraction - An Old-Fashioned Approach

At Isle of Vanilla we use an extraction approach that has proven to create the most beautiful extracts. The cold-extraction process takes time, planning, and patience. We take several steps to create the wonderful extracts for our customers: selection, preparation, aging, and bottling.


The first step in the extraction process at Isle of Vanilla is selection of quality vanilla. We have worked with several suppliers in the US and overseas to source ethically and sustainably produced vanilla beans. We only use gourmet quality beans in our extract production. We have found that high-quality vanilla beans and other ingredients create the best vanilla extracts.

Selection of Ingredients

Selection of quality gourmet ingredients results in the highest quality extracts.


Prior to extraction, the gourmet beans and other ingredients are weighed and examined for moisture content. Moisture levels determine the intensity of the resulting extract and we make sure to make any adjustments for the moisture level prior to extraction. The beans and/or other ingredients for a batch are then prepared for extraction by slicing and cutting into smaller pieces to create surface area for extraction to occur. In the case of vanilla beans, we also slice the beans open to expose the vanilla caviar inside.


The vanilla and/or other ingredients are paired with premium alcohol (exceeding 35%) providing a base and medium for the extract. We then combine the ingredients in appropriate ratios in large glass jugs. The glass jugs are sealed and then placed in a dark aging cupboard for at least three months, and up to a year whereby the extraction process can occur. We use the cold-extraction process which means the extract takes a lot longer, but results in a better extract with stronger flavor, notes, and aromas.

Bottling Extract

After aging the vanilla and testing each batch we transfer the liquid to your bottle.


Once a batch of vanilla extract or other extracts are ready we test them for quality. A test-sample of the extract is drawn out of the glass flask and tested for aroma, clarity, and taste. When the batch is determined to be ready we lightly-filter the extract and decant it into individual bottles for your enjoyment.

Finished Bottles

Bottles are ready for your use!

Pure Collection

Time and patience pays off in our collections of beautiful extracts.

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